Welding and corrugation line for aluminum sheath
1. Specialties of the production line:
a)    Imported touching screen(HMI) is used to monitor and control the parameter variation of the PLC
b)   Welding gun can be 3D adjusted according to request.
c)    It adopts PLC on-line control and whole machine is controlled by microcomputer
d)   The main corrugating machine and caterpillar are driven by AC motor and controlled by inverter.
e)   Welding machine is the automatic high frequency arc starting
f)    The corrugating device adopts advanced techniques.
g)    It adopts caterpillar to haul the cable, and the caterpillar has big hauling force and stable running.
h)   TV supervising is used for checking the welding process to help control the quality.
2. Environment for operation
a) The machine is to be installed in a clean workshop without dust and jumping airflow, Relative air humidity:99%
b)   Environmental temperature: 5-45
c)    There is no serious vibration and jump anywhere.
d)   Power supply is relatively stable, no high voltage stroke and no high frequency interference. (U38010%Hz:5010%)
e)   Equipment noise: 83db
3. Major parameters of the line
a. Aluminum tape thickness:
b. installed gross capacity:
c. Welded tube diameter range:
d. caterpillar speed:
e. Welding speed:
2-6m/min (Aluminum thickness=3mm,v1.6m/min; aluminum thickness=2.5mm, v2.0m/min)
f. Corrugated thread pitch:
g. Corrugation type:
helical and annular
h. Corrugation depth:
All above information is only for reference, the detailed technical specification will be offered after getting your detailed inquiry information such as product to be produced
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