Hydraulic drawing machine for copper bar
1. Application
As the next process of continuous extrusion, hydraulic drawing machine is mainly used
to final shaping and length scaling of copper and aluminum profiles after being extruded
and improve surface hardness and  lastic limit.
2. Process Flow
Tracking payoff ¡úcenter positioning ¡ústraightening ¡úcenter guiding ¡úhydraulic
Drawing ¡úcutting ¡útransporting ¡úauto convey ¡úcut to length ¡úauto product unloading
¡úproduct stacking
3. Characteristic
3.1 After drawing on automatic hydraulic drawing machine, the copper and aluminum profiles
after being extruded will get final shape and length. The utility of materials will greatly
increased and surface quality of material will get improved.
3.2 Automatic drawing machine is highly automatic, lower energy consumption which fights
against traditional chain drawing machine with great labor intensity, high energy consumption,
over proofed noise, serious environmental pollution, deformation after being drawn, easy
scratching and oil stains.
4. HAD50-10 Main Technical Parameter
1). Efficient drawing length£¨m£©   10
2). Nominal drawing force£¨t£©    50
3). Width      30~170
4).Profile specification£¨mm£©   thickness 3~30
5). Drawing speed£¨m/min£©    3~10
6). Return speed£¨m/min£©    40
7). Hydraulic pressure£¨MPa£©    20
8). ID of cylinder£¨mm£©    200
9). Diameter of piston rod£¨mm£©   100
10). Main motor power£¨kw£©    75
11). Install Capacity£¨kw£©    88
12). Length     23000
13). Width      4300
14). Dimension(not include pay-off and straighten machine)£¨mm£©Height 1500
15). Required length of the workshop (m)  36
16). Machine total weight£¨t£©    31
All above information is only for reference, the detailed technical specification will be
offered after getting your detailed inquiry information such as product to be produced
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